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SF30NT Comfort Glow Solar Fusion Heaters

SF30NT Solar Fusion heaters are ventless heaters by Comfort Glow is available @

The SF30NT Comfort Glow Solar Fusion heaters are 30,000 btu natural gas ventless heaters.
During operation the Sun pattern glows a bright orange emitting radiant heat, while the blueflame burner provides convective heat. A unique venturi effect also generates rapid air flow - heating the room faster.
The SF30NT heaters have concealed thermostatic controls that operate by gradually modulating the heat output and flame height from the selected setting to lower settings, or pilot, in order to maintain a consistent room temperature. See how a Solar Fusion heater works

Note: The SF30NT Solar Fusion heaters can not be used in a bedroom or bathroom.

Note: ventless heaters greater than 6,000 btu can not be used in bathrooms,
and ventless heaters greater than 10,000 btu can not be used in bedrooms.


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